Our Story

We harness the natural skin care properties of beeswax, honey and propolis, combined with carefully selected ingredients to produce simple yet effective skincare.


is the creator of recipes and maker of the products (and assistant beekeeper)


looks after 25 beehives across Sussex, making sure the bees are healthy and happy


assists in looking after the bees as well as being our marketing and social media manager

The Bees

Over 1 million bees produce the beeswax, honey and propolis used in our skincare range 

For centuries bee products have been used in skincare, medicine and healthcare. We sustainably collect beeswax, honey and propolis from our beehives across Sussex to use within our range. This gives our products excellent natural skin care properties.

Our Approach

The way our products are made is just as important as the ingredients we use.

We source the highest quality plant oils, butters and essential oils, combining them with our simple recipes and long-established techniques to create our skincare. All ingredients (natural and synthetic) are clearly listed on the products page and product labels.


We adopt a handmade small batch process, making at most 80 products per batch. This allows for hand-craft, attention to detail and reduced waste. All products are packaged in-house using recyclable or reusable containers, avoiding wasteful packaging.