• Elizabeth Ready

Bee Venom in cosmetics. Good or bad?

Bee venom has become a popular additive to face creams, designed to plump and smooth skin. The body reacts to the toxin by directing blood to the surface stimulating the production of collagen.

A Bee needs its sting to defend the hive from attack, the sting is dislodged from its body and it dies.

Bee venom is collected commercially by placing a pane of glass in front of the hive and running a weak electrical current through it. This encourages the bees to sting the surface. Bees do not lose their sting, they just get an electric shock each time they return to the hive with nectar and pollen. It takes approximately 1 million stings per 1g of dry venom.

Good or bad? You decide.

Here at Bee Cosmetics we will never use bee venom in any products.


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