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Honey Magic and Myths

Honey uses in cosmetics, health and medicine, not just food for the Gods.

Cosmetic Magic

Honey on skin is a natural moisturiser. Humectants, such as honey, attract water to hydrate skin. Honey on skin also offers antibacterial, antifungal and emollient (skin softening) properties. Ideal for cleansing and exfoliation as in our honey face scrub.

Honey in skincare is shown to have greater anti-ageing properties than anti-wrinkle creams due to high number of vitamins, minerals and amino acids naturally present.

Health Magic

Honey used in dressings can facilitate the healing of chronic wounds such as leg ulcers and bed sores. Honey on skin has an osmotic pressure and the moist environment promots the body’s own ability to clear dead tissue and thereby promote healing.

Honey for hay fever myth or magic?

Hay fever is caused by allergy to pollens; the theory is that consuming local pollen found in honey desensitises the allergic reaction. A University study and trial concluded there is no evidence to support this, stating pollen in honey is the heavy, flower pollen that doesn’t cause hay fever. The pollens that cause hay fever are lighter airborne pollens from grasses and trees that bees don’t visit.

Like any medication eating honey for hay fever may work for some and not others. Many swear by it. Honey should be local because it will contain the pollens in your area and should not be processed or heat treated which destroys the benefit.

Buy local from a beekeeper. Myth or magic, it’s good to eat.

Food for the Gods

Greeks, Romans and Egyptians prized for skincare over 9000 years ago. Used in lotions, balms, moisturisers, masks and as medicines. Honey was also used as money to pay taxes (Unfortunately no longer HMRC legal tender).


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