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Benefits of Essential Oils in Skincare

Essential oils are derived from plants: leaves, fruits, bark, roots and resins. They provide medicinal and therapeutic properties and used in perfumes and natural scents.

When designing a product we select essential oils to enhance the skincare requirement, for example, frankincense is valued for its anti-aging and rejuvenating properties so is featured in our moisturisers and serum. Lemon, petitgrain and patchouli have antiseptic and acne reducing properties so we use them in Squeaky Clean face soap to compliment the cleansing properties of Bentonite clay.

Scent is critical to the pleasure of using a cosmetic and high on the list of priorities when choosing to purchase. Scents can evoke memories, emotions, wellbeing, stimulation, relaxation and can be different for each person.

Essential oils are categorised into top, middle and base notes all of which combine to form a long lasting balanced aroma.

Top notes are the most volatile and first to reach the senses, often refreshing and stimulating. For example, citrus oils of Bergamot and orange.

Middle notes are the heart of the scent, can be floral and spicy, for example jasmine, rose and geranium.

Base notes act a fixative bringing all together, they can be woody, resinous and soothing, for example, frankincense and patchouli.

To create the scent we select oils to enhance the products skincare requirements. We bend from the notes to reach a balanced, long lasting scent which compliments the expectations of the product. A fresh scent is associated with cleansing, floral and woody with relaxation and so on.

Essential oils naturally contain allergens; it is a requirement to list these in the product ingredients where present over 0.015 limits. You frequently see linalool or geraniol listed, lavender oil is approximately 35-40% linalool but is still safe to use direct on skin.

Fragrances are synthetic and can be 100% allergen free; they are a good alternative where an essential oil does not exist, for example honey. The addition of honey alone in a product does not evoke the heady scent of the beehive, a fragrance does the job. Fragrances are listed in ingredients as ‘Parfum’.


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