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Facial Skincare Tips

ONE Cleansing and makeup removal

Cleansing the skin removes impurities, excess oils and pollutants. It prepares the skin for effective absorption of serums and moisturisers.

Avoid makeup cleansing pads and cleansers with an alcohol content if you have dry or sensitive skin.

Our oil cleanser and makeup remover is a completely natural blend of jojoba, castor and olive oil with a touch of orange essential oil. It is effective at removing all makeup and gently cleanses.

Top Tip - I massage a few drops into my skin and eyelashes remove with a hot damp cloth. It is like a mini Spa facial a lovely end to another busy day.

TWO Toning

A toner will remove any residual oils, pollution or impurities while conditioning and balancing your skin. Avoid alcohol based, astringent toners and focus on a toner that puts hydration into your skin leaving it soft and refreshed.

Top Tip - Expensive toners aren’t necessary. Rose Water, a bi- product of distillation of rose essential oil. It is an excellent skin toner especially for combination and mature skins, hydrating, toning and a mildly antiseptic. It can be purchased from food stores for as little as a £1. Perfect!

THREE Serums and facial oils - optional

Serums are best applied when your skin is moist, after cleansing and before moisturising. Serum can be water or oil based and contains concentrated and potent active ingredients that can smooth, calm, brighten and replenish skin. A serum is designed to improve fine lines, pigmentation and elasticity. Apply 1-2 drops onto your fingertips and smooth onto your skin.

Facial oils are a good alternative to moisturises at night. Bee Cosmetics Frankincense and Rose Facial Serum is full of luxurious oils specifically selected for sensitive and maturing skin.

Top Tip - Ideal as a lovely Spa face massage at home.

FOUR Moisturising

After cleansing and toning moisturise to condition, hydrate and refresh your skin. A moisturiser

will restore skin elasticity and moisture levels, protect from and environmental pollutants and premature ageing. Moisturising creams are a blend of water oils, emulsifiers and plant extracts formulated to hydrate and soften skin.

Top Tip A note on sunscreens and sun damage

Many sunscreens do not achieve the SPF ratings stated. Apply sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before you go outside. Recommended application is a teaspoon per body part or area, for example, 1 teaspoon just for your face, head, and neck.

Beware of relying on BB creams with SPF to protect you from the sun; one teaspoon of BB cream is an unrealistic amount to apply.

Some pure oils offer natural protection from the sun, but it is unwise to rely on these alone to protect your skin. Avocado can boost protection to skin and hair during sun exposure. Similarly, sunflower oil can help prevent sun damage. Geranium, propolis and beeswax have a positive effect on relieving the pain of sunburn and repairing the skin. Best advice is cover up.

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Five Exfoliate with a face scrub

A face scrub is another lovely Spa treatment at home. If your complexion is looking a little dull, try

a gentle face scrub. A face scrub is designed to slough off dead skin cells; new skin will emerge underneath. Limit exfoliation to once or twice a week to avoid irritation.

Top Tip - Avoid scrubs with microbeads these tiny pieces of plastic are often used as exfoliates in scrubs and toothpastes, designed to wash down the drain but are too small to filter out during wastewater treatment having on marine wildlife.

Bee Cosmetics Honey Face Scrub uses granulated honey and soft brown sugar to exfoliate. Dead Sea Salt is used in our Hand and Body Scrub.

Read more plasticfreeseas.org/microbeads.html

Top Tip – make at home scrubs

Mix a paste of sugar or salt with oil and some lemon juice to cleanse and deodorise hands.

Grind Oatmeal in a pestle and mortar, mix to form a paste with a little oil or yoghurt for a quick home face scrub.


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