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Breast cancer - recovery from chemotherapy

In this blog we hear from Pauline and her experience of using cosmetics in recovering from treatment.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. Over 50,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the UK; one in eight women will develop breast cancer at some point in their lifetime.

Breast cancer is thought to be caused by a combination of our genes, lifestyle choices and surrounding environment. Treatments may include surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

For more information on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment follow the link at the end of the page.

Pauline’s Story

Pauline is a customer and approached me tell me about how Bee Cosmetics skincare has helped with the after effects of her Breast Cancer journey. Pauline was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago and underwent surgery ,18 weeks of chemotherapy and 30 sessions of radiotherapy.

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She describes some of the after effects of treatment and how giving back something to yourself and your body can be uplifting and increase a sense of well being. During Pauline’s treatment her sense of taste and smell shut down. After the rigorous treatment, Pauline felt her body had been sapped of vitality, lacked moisture, her face and eyes looked dull and weary. Bee Cosmetics products helped to revitalise her sense of smell and heighten her senses. She found them uplifting, moisturising, and felt she was giving something back to her body.

For me, there is no greater compliment.

Pauline commented that the day moisturiser is energising. The blend of essential oils, frankincense, may chang and geranium are fresh, uplifting and balancing.

At night Pauline uses the cleansing oil and serum, like me she finds it very satisfying to remove makeup at the end of the day and treat your face to an indulgent serum. It is relaxing and marks the end of the day in a pleasurable way. The aromatherapy essential oils in the Serum are good for skincare and emotions and for that reason can aid sleep. I sometimes massage my face with serum if I am struggling to get to sleep.

Some people experience neuropathy after treatment, nerve damage causing dryness, numbness, prickling or tingling in your feet or hands. A good massage with nourishing balms and essential oils helped Pauline help soothe these side effects.

Introducing Ellie’s Friends

Ellie’s Friends is dedicated to improving the lives of adults (16+) living with cancer, all around the UK. Ellie’s provides frequent freebies from caring businesses and individuals, to offset some of the financial and psychological impact of a cancer diagnosis.

Bee Cosmetics is donating a Serum every month on Ellie’s friends. Please share Ellie’s Friends with someone who may benefit. elliesfriends.org

Pauline is currently being treated for secondary or metastatic breast cancer. Secondary is where cancer has spread to other areas of the body. Treatments are designed to keep the cancer at bay, stopping it from spreading.

Pauline is very open about her condition and generous in sharing her story with me and others. Not only does she look great but she has a very positive outlook on life. She told me that at the end of each day there is always something that makes her feel ‘Really glad I was here today’

For more information on all aspects of breast cancer visit BreastCancerNow

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