• Elizabeth Ready

Benefits of organic skincare

Updated: Apr 28

What is organic skincare?

Organic skincare is the formulation of products using organically farmed ingredients. These ingredients are grown without the use of genetically modified organisms (GM), herbicides, synthetic fertilisers and more.

What makes a product organic?

Unfortunately there is very little regulation around the labelling of organic products, allowing the word 'organic' to be displayed on the packaging even if the total percentage of organic ingredients is very low.

When shopping for organic skincare always focus on the complete ingredients listing. Here you'll quickly come to realise how much of the product is actually organic.

Here at Bee Cosmetics we follow the COSMOS standards, a widely recognised global standard for certified organic and natural cosmetics. We therefore only call a product organic if 95%+ of the total ingredients are organic. And for all our other products with high levels of organic content we clearly list the percentage of organic content within the ingredients listing - such as our Foot Reviving Balm pictured here made with 82% organic ingredients.

What are the benefits of organic?

First and foremost organic skincare is better for the environment. By choosing organic, the ingredients in your products are produced using more sustainable practices, without herbicides and synthetic fertilisers which negatively impact wildlife and biodiversity.

Going organic also helps protect the bees! In the last 10 years, a third of UK bees have disappeared, with the most significant threat coming from the widespread use of chemical pesticides (particularly neonicotinoid pesticides).

Not only are there clear environmental benefits, but organic cosmetics can be better for us too! By using organic ingredients we ensure none of the synthetic pesticides and fertilisers are transferred into the oils. Organic oils are often extracted using more simplistic methods and can retain higher levels of natural nutrients. We believe in the natural power of plant oils and butters, with organic ingredients taking it even further.

Bee Cosmetics and organic

Over the recent months we've been working on our formulations to introduce organic ingredients across our range. So far we've launched two organic products, and altered our balms so they're made from 80%+ organic ingredients.

Despite being collected from our own hives the beeswax, honey and propolis can't be certified organic. Bees can fly up to 3 miles to collect nectar, making it near impossible to ensure all the crops the bees visit are grown organically. However, we can ensure the oils and butters we use are sourced from organic farms and come with certification.

Check out our Organic Facial Serum made with 95% organic ingredients, or our Organic Jojoba Cleansing Oil made with 99% organic ingredients!