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Skincare packaging – glass or plastic?

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

There are so many skincare products on the market, all packaged differently, but what is the best? Here we’ll look at a few things we consider when packaging our skincare range.

Plastic vs glass

In most cases, both plastic and glass are widely and easily recycled. Plastic requires less energy to produce compared to glass, but the problems start at the other end. The biggest problem with single-use plastic comes when items are thrown into landfill and biodegrade into highly damaging microplastics. However, if recycled correctly in most cases the majority of the container can be reused again and the environmental impact is low.

Glass on the other hand has a much lower environmental impact. It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, so if discarded has a very limited environmental impact. Another key benefit of glass is the durability and ease of reuse. Glass can easily be cleaned and sterilised meaning it can be used over and over. As a result, we accept used glass containers from many of our local customers which we clean, sterilise and refill.

Unnecessary packaging

Many skin care products available are presented in vanity boxes and secondary packaging. Although useful for displaying key information and making shelves easy to stack, it is in many cases an unnecessary addition. This is why we always provide our products in the absolute minimal packaging required.


If you can reuse the container at home then even better. We use our spare glass jars and bottles to store spices, buttons, nails, and more. And the bottles from the Jojoba Cleanser and Lavender Bath Oil make fantastic mini vases.


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