• Elizabeth Ready

What is Bentonite Clay?

Updated: Feb 3

Bentonite clay is a natural volcanic ash with a pale grey powdery appearance and fine soft texture. It is also known as montmorillonite clay. It contains approximately 70 different minerals including calcium, magnesium and iron, all of which bring their own skincare benefits. As a result, bentonite clay is widely used in health and beauty for its many skincare benefits.

Bentonite clay is valued for its detoxifying and healing properties, as well as it’s anti-microbial properties, affecting bacteria by changing its physicochemical properties.

Bentonite clay is great for oily skin

Bentonite clay is a brilliant ingredient for those with oily and acne prone skin. Its excellent absorption properties help draw oils and toxins from the skin. As the clay leaves the skin it takes the unwanted toxins and oils with it. Most importantly its non-comedogenic, meaning it does not block pores, helping maintain healthy clear skin.

Uses of bentonite clay

Bentonite has a wide range of cosmetic uses including hair care, mineral make-up, toothpastes, soaps, body masks and cleansers.

Here at Bee Cosmetics we use bentonite clay in our Facial Soap, specially formulated for oily and acne prone skin. All our soaps are made using the traditional cold pressed method, made from oils, butters and water with the addition of sodium hydroxide. This creates a chemical reaction called saponification, and after four weeks of patient curing soap is produced. All our soaps are handmade in small batches to ensure the highest quality.