Our Mission

Creating Naturally Beautiful Skincare

Sourced from Nature

We believe in creating simple recipes using natural ingredients. Our business is based on harnessing the natural skincare properties of beeswax, honey and propolis in our handmade products. 

Bee products have been used for centuries in skincare, medicine and healthcare. Combined with carefully selected plant oils, butters and essential oils, our products are simple but effective and kind to skin.


- Honey is naturally moisturising and healing.

- Beeswax is protective and calming for skin.

Propolis has a multitude of healing properties.


Our containers are simple, designed to keep the products fresh and easy to use. No extra packaging. All products are made by us in Horsham UK in small batches.

The majority of our products are self preserving, they do not require preservatives to retain their freshness. Our three Moisturisers contain water; as such they require preservatives to prevent the development of bacteria. We use a non-paraben preservative to meet customer expectations.

Cosmetics manufacturers in the EU are regulated  EU Regulation (EU) No1223/2009 This stipulates No Animal testing on ingredients or finished products amongst a raft of other requirements.


Our Products

Pure and Simple

I started experimenting with bee products 15 years ago by making a soap containing beeswax. I was so impressed by the improvement to my normally dry skin, I instantly ditched shower gels.

So began my obsession with making my own skincare. From soaps, I moved into experimenting with  balms, butters, spa products, moisturisers and oils. I quickly discovered that keeping recipes simple,  avoiding unnecessary additives is the key to good skincare.

Beeswax, honey and propolis have excellent skincare qualities and help us to create high quality natural cosmetics.

We're confident you'll agree,



The Ready Family

Bee Cosmetics Partners

Derek Ready, Elizabeth Ready


Elizabeth is the creator of recipes and maker of the products. Also assistant beekeeper.


    Derek manages 25 beehives, collecting honey, beeswax and propolis for the products. Also assistant product maker.


    Joseph is our IT, web and social media advisor. Also designed our branding, logo and packaging.

    The Bees

    Over 1 million bees produce the honey, beeswax and propolis that goes into our products.

    Derek & Elizabeth Ready

    Bee Cosmetics Partners

    79 Rushams Road, Horsham, 

    RH12 2NY, 01403 248158


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