• Elizabeth Ready

Beeswax in skincare

Beeswax is produced by the youngest bees using tiny wax scales on the underside of their abdomen. Honey bees use beeswax to create the hexagonal beeswax comb to store honey, pollen and for the queen to lay her eggs. Wax production requires lots of energy with bees needing to consume 6 lbs of honey to produce 1 lb of beeswax.

Beeswax is one of the oldest raw ingredients used in skincare. It's a natural emulsifier (binding oils and water to make creams) and a stable base in balms to provide texture. Beeswax also brings a multitude of skincare benefits, including:

1. Beeswax forms a natural barrier, protecting skin from environmental irritants and harsh weather. Beeswax is particularly exceptional because it allows the skin to breathe, keeping pores free from blockage making it particularly beneficial for acne prone skin. This natural barrier helps lock in moisture keeping skin soft and hydrated.

2. Beeswax is one of the best skin-softening ingredients and enhances skin elasticity. It is an ideal ingredient in skincare to provide texture, skin feel and aiding retention of moisture.

3. It is anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and germicidal. Making it great for all skin types but particularly beneficial for sensitive skin.

Using natural ingredients in our skincare is the basis of our business and adds to the joy of beekeeping throughout the seasons. We use surplus beeswax collected from our hives making the most of its wonderful skincare properties.

Beeswax is an essential ingredient in our balms, butters and ointment, creating the structure and silky texture of the products. These water free products have the benefit of not requiring the addition of preservatives to keep them safe to use. Beeswax is also a key ingredient in our soaps providing structure and a longer lasting bar. We also feature beeswax in our moisturisers and scrubs.