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Beeswax in skincare

Beeswax is one of the oldest raw ingredients used in skincare and continues to be used today due to its naturally beneficial skincare benefits. But what is beeswax? Beeswax is produced by the youngest honeybees using tiny wax scales on the underside of their abdomen.

Honeybees use beeswax to create the hexagonal beeswax comb we're all familiar with. This is created to store honey, pollen and for the queen to lay her eggs. Wax production requires significant energy, for each 1 lb of beeswax, 6 lbs of honey has to be consumed by the hive.

Skincare benefits

Beeswax is a natural emulsifier, binding oils and water. It is also highly stable, and therefore a popular ingredient in makeup and skincare. Beeswax has a multitude of skincare benefits.

1. Beeswax forms a protective barrier on the skin's surface, protecting your skin from environmental irritants and harsh weather. Beeswax is particularly exceptional being non-comedogenic (non-pore blocking), allowing the skin to breathe freely. This makes beeswax particularly beneficial for acne-prone and sensitive skin.

The protective barrier formed by beeswax not only protects from external threats but also locks in moisture to prevent water loss, therefore helping your skin stay soft and hydrated.

2. Beeswax has fantastic skin-softening properties and enhances skin elasticity, helping reduce the signs of ageing.

3. Beeswax is anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and germicidal. These properties make beeswax a highly stable base ingredient, thus extending the product's life. But importantly, this makes beeswax particularly beneficial for those with sensitive skin as beeswax will unlikely cause skin irritation.

Using beeswax in skincare

Collection of surplus beeswax from our hives

Exploring the world of beeswax in skincare is our passion at Bee Cosmetics. We ethically collect and clean beeswax from our own beehives, making it the heart of our skincare range (watch our video here on how we clean beeswax).

Bee Cosmetics skincare with beeswax

Explore a selection of our beeswax-infused products below. Plus, if you're eager to experience their benefits first hand, sign up for our newsletter and enjoy a 10% discount on your first purchase!

Hand Care: Beeswax is a natural shield for your skin, making it perfect for hand care.

  • Macadamia & Pomegranate Hand Cream: Enriched with macadamia oil, pomegranate extract, and beeswax, this cream offers deep hydration and leaves your skin silky-smooth and delightfully scented.

  • Gardener's Hand Balm: Crafted with beeswax, nourishing oils, and essential oils, this balm provides intense moisture and healing for dry, cracked skin, perfect for hardworking hands.

Face Care: Our facial products harness the natural power to soften the skin and lock in moisture.

  • Rejuvenating Facial Cream: This luxurious cream targets fine lines and rejuvenates your skin with 98% natural origin and 80% organic ingredients, including beeswax and honey.

  • Honey & Sugar Face Scrub: Designed for gentle exfoliation, this scrub features soft brown sugar and nourishing honey, enriched with beeswax sourced from our own hives.

Body Care: Enjoy long-lasting moisturisation

  • Honey Body Butter: Our blend of beeswax, honey, and nourishing oils deeply hydrates and soothes, leaving your skin naturally radiant, soft, and smooth.


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