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Create Your Own Gift Box

Crafting a personalised gift box is a breeze with our step-by-step instructions:


  • Pick your items: Browse our website and select the items you'd like to include in your gift box, adding them to your cart. Remember, the box measures L 20cm x H 16cm x D 8cm, so be mindful not to over or underfill. You can use images of other gifts as a reference. Usually, 3-5 items work well.
  • Add this empty gift box to your cart.
  • List the items you would like included in the gift box.
  • Add a personal note (optional): Consider including a personal message to make your gift extra special.
  • Checkout and post: When you're satisfied with your selections, go to checkout. From here you can deliver direct to your loved one.

Create Your Own Gift Box

PriceFrom £2.00
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