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Two fundamental pillars ground our sustainability efforts: Biodiversity and Climate.

Biodiversity: Safeguarding and rejuvenating nature's abundance

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We use natural, traceable, and certified organic ingredients in our award-winning range. Because we love bees, we don’t like pesticides, so our natural formulations are infused with botanical oils and butters that are grown on organic farms.

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Beekeeping is at the heart of everything we do, so we work hard to help protect the UK’s precious bee populations. As certified beekeepers, we care for several of our own hives and we’re passionate about sharing our knowledge on the art of beekeeping. If you have any questions about beekeeping, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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We're on a mission to help restore the UK's dwindling wildflower meadows, which have declined by 97% since the 1930s. These meadows play a crucial role in supporting bees all year round. They’re also home to various insects. This is why we’ve given out more than 500,000 wildflower seeds to our customers.

Climate: Combating the climate crisis with plastic-free, sustainable solutions

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We proudly source our own beeswax, honey and propolis from our beehives to power our skincare range. When our supply runs low, we turn to local Sussex beekeepers who share our commitment to regenerative beekeeping practices.

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We are proud to say that over 94% of our product packaging is plastic-free. We choose glass, paper and aluminium packaging to help protect our planet from harmful plastic pollution. Meanwhile, our Return, Refill, Reuse scheme saves 240g of C02 for each glass jar you return. That’s the equivalent of four minutes’ travel in a car.

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We handcraft everything here in Sussex, and in small batches, to reduce our carbon footprint. We’re powered by 100% renewable energy, and we also use water-saving technologies to collect rainwater and reduce our impact on local waterways.

Our stance on animal testing

Tests on animals for cosmetic products – and their ingredients – have been banned in the UK since 1998 and in the EU since 2009. But large corporations have found a loophole. By testing in countries that allow it, like China and the US, they can still sell their products in Europe.

At Bee Cosmetics, we stand firmly against animal testing. None of our products – or ingredients – have been, or ever will be, tested on animals. Instead, our skincare is tested on us, and goes through rigorous microbiology testing.


What you can do

We believe that collective action is key to creating a more sustainable future. Here are some simple steps you can take to join us in our efforts:


Reduce, reuse, and recycle

Conserve energy

Support small, sustainable brands

Educate and spread awareness about sustainability

Avoid single-use plastic


Shop organic when possible

Support campaigns against toxic pesticides

Volunteer for wildlife conservation projects

Grow bee-friendly plants in your garden

Or even consider getting your own bees

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