• Elizabeth Ready

The power of propolis and uses in skincare

What is Propolis?

Propolis is a tree resin collected by bees with a distinctive woody scent. Bees collect the resin from a variety of trees and shrubs, blend it with wax and pollen and use it in the hive. It has many uses within the hive, bees use propolis to prevent disease and bacterial growth, while also being used as glue to reinforce the hive.

Honey bees have been known to use propolis to prevent putrefaction when small animals such as mice enter the hive and die. They mummify the animal by surrounding it in propolis thus eliminating the risk of disease spread.

Propolis, named by Aristotle, means 'defender of the city' – a suiting name.


Why is Propolis is used in skincare products?

The use of propolis dates back to the Ancient Egyptians who used it for health and healing purposes. Modern studies confirm propolis has a long list of health benefits. Thanks to the ingenuity of the honey bee we can harness these properties by using propolis in skincare products.

Studies have shown propolis is; anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-tumour, anti-oxidant and anti-viral (basically anti-everything). This makes propolis a fantastic ingredient in ointments and balms, which for example, can be applied to dry/sensitive skin, burns and problem skin.

But that’s not all!

The University of Strathclyde and other institutions have researched the benefits of propolis in the treatment of MRSA, sleeping sickness, HIV, skin conditions and cancers with interesting results.

Some of our most powerful medicines have been derived from nature, so it is no surprise that this natural substance has benefits for our own health. Aren’t bees amazing!

How we use propolis here at Bee Cosmetics

Because of the many skincare benefits of propolis, it can be helpful for soothing problem skin. Our propolis ointment contains three simple ingredients: sunflower oil, beeswax and propolis. A simple recipe, yet effective product. It's one of our best sellers!

This is what our customers say:

Katherine - My son's psoriasis has completely disappeared, fantastic.

Beck - Many thanks for the lovely products; I’m so pleased with the propolis ointment as it seems to have cleared up a stubborn patch of what I think was eczema on my face! Great stuff!!!

Jill - It’s the first time I’ve had some relief from an ointment (eczema)

Audrey - Love your products and the propolis ointment, the first product I ever bought from you, served me well on holiday recently ...Excellent for a rash and bites.

We also use propolis in our propolis beeswax soap which is also loved by many customers for its strong woody scent and skin-soothing properties.